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Achieving a continually increasing organisational performance requires a continually increasing management capability.


The higher a manager rises the greater the need for them to develop expertise in 'process management' rather than 'task management'

Recent research carried out in the United States has identified five different styles of Leadership.

What makes this research different is that the emphasis on charismatic behaviours is relatively low. The research has revealed is that the effective leader is one who adapts their personal style to the needs of the organisation in its current situation - even if this style is not their natural one.

The implications of this research is firstly that managers need a high degree of self awareness as well as situational awareness. Secondly, they require the skills to interact effectively in different situations which requires adopting appropriate behaviours.

Resource not only supports individuals and teams to develop 'process expertise' but we also undertakes coaching in Emotional Intelligence. Coaching and executive development is supported with 360 degree evaluations, training needs analysis and individually designed Leadership development programmes.

Leading Corporate Change
a NEW programme developed in conjunction with Journey Learning

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