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Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops
Primary Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Workshop Three
Living out Emotional Intelligence

To provide participants with an opportunity to explore the practice of Empathy in the context of Emotional Intelligence. This interactive workshop will allow individuals to:
  • Explore 'living out' Emotional Intelligence
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence to see the benefits
  • Develop approaches to real-life situations

It has been proved that Emotional Intelligent people are more likely than those who have not developed their Emotional Intelligence to be successful, to be appreciated by others, to be effective in their relationships and to make it through the day without blowing a gasket!.

Designed for:
Anyone who is keen to see how they can develop their Emotional Intelligence and in particular their Empathy.

As a result of participating in the workshop you will:
  • Explore how to build effective inter-personal understanding
  • Look at their own organisation in a new light
  • Examine what it means to have a ‘service orientation’
  • Utilise a number of transferable techniques:
  • Day at the Zoo
  • Control and responsibility
  • Matrix charting
  • 4 Box Model
  • Repertory grid
  • Political ‘mapping’

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