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Online competency profiling, 360º feedback of individuals, groups and data analysis for organisations using ADaPT®ability
Organisation Profiling

ADaPT®ability also offers a group/department/organisation profiling module, which enables you to explore the strength of feeling about an issue and to audit the areas for improvement.

ADaPT®ability is a versatile program, which offers organisations a complete tool for 360° survey tool.

ADaPT®ability has been designed to enable organisations to Create their own surveys Link surveys across the organisation

Build your own change readiness survey
You can design your own survey to meet YOUR specific needs and explore the aspects key to the current situation
Use pre-defined survey questions
Use a range of questions which have been designed and tested to suit different needs
Link each question to a number of related behaviours/evidence statements
Assess these aspects using evidence statements which means the issue being measured is kept hidden
Set importance of each aspect/issue as it relates to your organisation
Determine how important each aspect is to the issue being explored
Set level required of each aspect as it relates to each situation
Define what level of satisfaction is acceptable in the situation being reviewed
Complete the questionnaire on the web
Thus cutting out the need for internal administration and paperwork
Input range of audience groups
This means that you can ask different groups/individuals to complete the questionnaire and get a 360º profile of the issue being assessed
Produce graphical outputs of the survey showing comparisons between audience groups
ADaPT®ability enables you to have a range of graphical outputs
Produce an Action Plan based on the profile scores
The program creates an action plan template showing the scores across the different groups completing the questionnaire


The software is economical to use – you simply buy profiles, by phone or Email, as you need them. This just in time approach means that the cost can be spread throughout the year. It means that if you have a survey or assessment to carry out you simply buy enough profiles to meet the need.

Profiles and outputs can be in email or hard copy format or viewed on the web site (for mass audience use). Or if you are conducting one-to-one feedback you gain maximum impact using the ADaPT®viewer.

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